How Did Alice Become a Vampire?


How Did Alice Become a Vampire?
How Did Alice Become a Vampire?

Hi again to all of my fellow Twilight fans. What did you think of the new movie release of Eclipse? As always, I didn’t think it was as good as the book, but it was still good. Sure, you have read the book before, but do you remember how Alice turned into a vampire? Perhaps you need to have your mind freshened up a bit?

Alice Cullen was born in 1901. Originally, her name was Mary Alice Brandon. That’s a pretty name, right? However, that all changed during the year 1920. Yes, that long ago. She’s an old woman! She was institutionalized by her family. A vampire who is unknown transformed her into a vampire. Why did they do that? They did that in order to save her life from James.

Later on, she was led to Jasper, who became the love of her life. She already knew about it as she originally started to vision him. After this, the two of them started their life in the Cullen family, together, in peace.

That’s all behind Alice. Do you know what a good idea would be? I heard that they were going to do a version with Edward’s voice. They should also do one with Alice’s voice, then Rosalie and so on. Each character has their own story to tell. A story that goes deeper. At least, that’s what I think should be done. I just wish the Twilight series didn’t have an ending. I feel like once I finish reading it all, the characters are no longer existent. Sure, we can re-read it and re-watch it, but we can never go back in time. It would make one awesome sitcom show! So, before Alice was transformed into a vampire, what do you think her plans were? What do you think she wanted to do in life? Maybe a designer?

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