5 Cool Twilight Pictures on Flickr.com ...


5 Cool Twilight Pictures on Flickr.com ...
5 Cool Twilight Pictures on Flickr.com ...

Have you looked at flickr.com lately? I look at it almost every day. I have noticed a lot of Twilight pictures and there are 5 cool Twilight pictures on Flickr.com that I actually think is worth telling you about. So, below, you will find that I have chosen 5 pictures to show you out of a wide assortment of Twilight pictures.

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Apple Face

Apple Face Photo Credit: G а м є O v є я

This one is cool. I really like the face that is on the apple. It shows the Cullens in it. When you look at the picture, what do you feel?


I Dream of Edward

I have used this picture in a blog I wrote on here. I think it’s really neat. Bella is laying there with Edward’s picture hanging on the wall. It looks almost like Edward is staring at her.


When the Sun Goes down

When the sun goes down at Twilight – that is the words written in this picture. I like how Bella is standing back to back. One looks happy, while the other looks sad.


A Cliché Photo

This is a nice photo. The book in the picture, of course, is Twilight. I like the paper that is curled up as a heart put in the crease of the book. What do you think o fit?


On a Cliff

On a Cliff Photo Credit: Midnight-digital

I really like this one and I’m not exactly sure. I like how they are standing on the cliff in the picture. When you look at this picture, what do you think about? Where does your imagination take you?

Those are 5 cool Twilight pictures on Flickr.com that I believe are worth looking at. Do you have any pictures that you would like to share with me?

Top Photo Credit: Midnight-digital

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Another batch of awesome twilight pictures!!! COOL!!

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