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5 Cool Twilight Pictures on ...

By Melanie

Have you looked at lately? I look at it almost every day. I have noticed a lot of Twilight pictures and there are 5 cool Twilight pictures on that I actually think is worth telling you about. So, below, you will find that I have chosen 5 pictures to show you out of a wide assortment of Twilight pictures.

5 Apple Face

Apple FacePhoto Credit: G а м є O v є я

This one is cool. I really like the face that is on the apple. It shows the Cullens in it. When you look at the picture, what do you feel?

4 I Dream of Edward

I have used this picture in a blog I wrote on here. I think it’s really neat. Bella is laying there with Edward’s picture hanging on the wall. It looks almost like Edward is staring at her.

3 When the Sun Goes down

When the sun goes down at Twilight – that is the words written in this picture. I like how Bella is standing back to back. One looks happy, while the other looks sad.

2 A Cliché Photo

This is a nice photo. The book in the picture, of course, is Twilight. I like the paper that is curled up as a heart put in the crease of the book. What do you think o fit?

1 On a Cliff

On a CliffPhoto Credit: Midnight-digital

I really like this one and I’m not exactly sure. I like how they are standing on the cliff in the picture. When you look at this picture, what do you think about? Where does your imagination take you?

Those are 5 cool Twilight pictures on that I believe are worth looking at. Do you have any pictures that you would like to share with me?

Top Photo Credit: Midnight-digital

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