5 Cool Zombie Movies ...


5 Cool Zombie Movies ...
5 Cool Zombie Movies ...

I really enjoy zombie movies. My husband is the one that introduced me to zombie movies. Ever since I watched Resident Evil, I have been addicted to them. I am a big horror film addict and have decided to show you 5 cool zombie movies.

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28 Days Later

This is a cool zombie movie that you have to see. It’s about a biological virus that was stored in monkeys and got spread out. It takes 28 days to destroy the entire planet.


Resident Evil

This is about an evil corporation known as Umbrella. Umbrella creates a virus that chances humans into zombie-like creatures. They are trying to make them the ultimate super human. This is also a good video game!


Boy Eats Girl

Boy Eats Girl is a great movie that I recently watched. This is where a mother brings back her teenager by using voodoo. The boy then bites someone and turns them into a zombie and before you know it, you have a town of zombies. Then end is wonderful!


Plague Town

Yeah, Plague Town may not be the best zombie movie out there, but it is worth watching at least one time.



If you have never watched Mortuary before and you like zombie movies, then you should definitely give it a try. I didn’t think I would like this one, but it surprised me.

Those are 5 cool zombie movies. Out of these five, my favorite zombie movie would have to be Resident Evil. The video game is also fun to play. So, what about you? What zombie movie is your favorite?

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Technically 28 Days Later isn't a 'zombie' film. The people are infected with a virus and are not dead. 'zombies' are dead

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