5 Coolest Robert Pattinson Red Carpet Looks ...


5 Coolest Robert Pattinson Red Carpet Looks ...
5 Coolest Robert Pattinson Red Carpet Looks ...

Robert Pattinson’s character, Edward, in the Twilight movies is very secretive, suave, and extremely good looking. In real life, he isn’t nearly as pale and somber. I scanned the net and found some pics of Rob that were a bit more candid. Here are the 5 coolest Robert Pattinson Red Carpet looks I could find.

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A Simple Smile

A Simple Smile Even though this is an older picture of Rob, I think it portrays a softer side. His hair isn’t cut short or spiked up into the latest do. He looks at ease and is smiling nicely for the camera.



Bewildered Rob showed up on the red carpet in a maroon suit and with shorter hair than usual, during the premiere of Eclipse in LA. Although this isn’t the traditional color for a suit, he is able to pull off the look quite well.


The Smirk

The Smirk This is a great pic of the smirk I remember Rob displaying a couple of times in the Twilight movie. He’s still on the red carpet, but not donning a black suit like many of the other pictures I found. I like the simplicity of his outfit in this photo. Nothing fancy, but he still looks great.


At Ease

At Ease Even when he isn’t at the center of the festival, he’s still the center of attention. This is a pic of Rob at the Cannes Film Festival when the latest Quentin Tarantino movie was coming out.



Quirky I like the expression on Rob’s face in this photo. Not to mention how good he looks in a tuxedo. This picture has a fun feel to it and makes him seem less stern than the vampire he plays in the Twilight series.

I hope you like the pics I chose. He takes some excellent photos, so it was hard to decide between the thousands and thousands found on the Internet. Which of these do you like the most? Do you think Rob looks better in person or as a vampire?

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