5 Cool Twilight Posters ...


5 Cool Twilight Posters ...
5 Cool Twilight Posters ...

If I had the space I would have tons of posters from Twilight. There are so many neat ones and I just can’t seem to choose between them all. Here are 5 cool Twilight posters that I prefer more than the others. See what you think.

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Edward and Bella during the Van Incident

Edward and Bella during the Van Incident amazon.com
This isn’t the typical loving pose between Edward and Bella that most of the other posters portray. It always reminds me of the van scene and her expression is one of complete and utter astonishment.


Jacob and the Wolf Pack

Jacob and the Wolf Pack amazon.com
I adore these guys and enjoy seeing a poster with just them on it. They all seem to be in nonchalant stances that make the entire picture seem a bit more natural. There is less posing and movie flare to it.


The Baddies

The Baddies amazon.com
I know these are the villains, but they are so cool! The title of the poster also caught my attention. Most of the posters are of Bella and Edward or the Cullens, so I thought this one was a nice touch for those who enjoy all vampires in general; not just the Good Guys.


Bella and the Cullen Family

Bella and the Cullen Family allposters.com
I like seeing the entire Cullen family together. The poster also has each couple paired up, which is helpful for new Twilight fans in being able to remember who is together. I also like the pose Bella and Edward are in; the grip of True Love.


Edward, Jacob, and Bella

Edward, Jacob, and Bella allposters.com
This isn’t the typical pose you usually see Bella in. If you saw this poster before reading the book, then you‘d think Bella had switched men! I like the way Edward and Jacob are sort of looking at each other from the corners of their eyes.

I’m sure you’ve probably seen some of these in stores or when you’ve been searching online for Twilight posters of your own. Do you already have one or two of the posters listed above? Which is your favorite Twilight poster of all-time that you can recall seeing?

Top Photo Credit: Jacob Black's Lil WolfGirl =D

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