Top 5 Vampire Games ...


Top 5 Vampire Games ...
Top 5 Vampire Games ...

It’s time for some cool vampire games that I’ve been itching to tell you all about. Most vampire games can amaze you with neat stories that they come up with and I’m going to tell you some. Here is my Top 5 Vampire Games …

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Legacy of Kain Defiance

Now if you like vampire games then this one is surely for you. You get to be a vampire that has been betrayed by Kain and thrown in the fire depths of hell. You were once a vampire that feed on the blood of human kind, but later go for far worst. You must feed on the souls of innocents to survive. With being the soul reaver, you get to use the powers of the reavers to get back at Kain and destroy him or do you? You also get to be Kain in this game and see how it is to be the most powerful vampire in the world.


Buffy the Vampire Slayer Chaos Breeds

This game is about the basic vampire slayer from the show Buffy the vampire slayer. This is the second game that came out for the x box and GameCube. Chaos breed allows you to be spike this time around and of course most of the shows crew. You get to do spells and defeat the bad vampires.



You are a vampire that is looking to stop some bad problems with vampires getting out of hand. She is a basic vampire that has two small swords and guns at her disposal. You go through different settings around the world and can’t touch water or you die.


Castlevania Lament of Innocence

Castlevania is all about vampires and demons that are released through out the lands. Castlevania has come along way from the Nintendo system all the way up to the x box. Of course in few weeks the new Castlevania is coming out on the x box 360 and it’s going to rock. This game is on the old x box and has plenty of neat aspects.


Vampire: the Masquerade

This game is for the pc and the first part of its series. The game is basically a medieval vampire game that similar to a classic dungeon siege game. The story of course is real good and it’s a very long game. There is a second part of the series and that’s the blood lines. Yet another great game to get if you like vampire games.

There you have it all the great vampire games out today. Surprising to see so little produced vampire games, because they make perfect in depth stories that could make very long games. Have you played any of these games?

Top Photo Credit: Joseph Schreiber

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