5 Monsters That Could Be Good ...


5 Monsters That Could Be Good ...
5 Monsters That Could Be Good ...

Have you ever wondered what makes a monster be considered a monster? Well, monsters are normally creatures that scare you or do inhumane things. I’m going to explain some monsters that could be good if they were understood. Here is my 5 Monsters That Could Be Good.

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This creation has been hated by man, because of its facial features and undead look. This monster is harmless in the movies and it’s basically a message to give people that looks don’t mean everything. They burned him by the stake and chased him around by pitch forks.



These monsters can be mistaken for blood sucking fiends, but they can drink animal blood to. Why be scared by these blood suckers that live during the night. They could be good monsters that want to live in this world unnoticed.



No one knows if he is bad or not, but this big giant man that lives in the forest is consider a mean monster. I don’t know about you, but if he lives in the forest. It’s better if he stays there in peace and never bothered by man.


The Predator

In every predator movie, they seem to act as if their bad. They hunt to kill their prey and that’s if the enemy is a worthy honorable kill. They don’t kill women and children. There is no honor. They kill the people that carry the gun and usually messing with something they need to hide. In the movie AVP 1, the predator joins the human women to destroy the aliens. How evil is that?



Ghost can be good; they could just be trapped in our world for some reason. These monsters try to get the living to set them free by solving their unsolved problems.

This was my 5 Monsters That Could Be Good… Do you have any monsters you think were good and got stereotyped?

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Poor Frankenstein. Always misunderstood.

Not scary

One I thought was sterotyped was the Creature from the Black Lagoon. Sure, they were scary, but Buffy proved they were just fish who loved the ocean =p

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