5 Ghostly Facts ...


5 Ghostly Facts ...
5 Ghostly Facts ...

Ghosts are usually invisible to the naked eye because they live in another plane parallel to our own, they function on a different frequency. Actually once they were humans but when they died their spirit left their body. In most of the cases they haunt the places where they lived because they don’t find their purpose…

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They Usually Look Scary

People who died in tragic events like wars or accidents become haunting ghosts and they appear to the naked eye in the form they were last alive. For example if one was killed by an axe he will look like a victim with the axe in his back.


Not All Are Ghosts

Sometimes when we have visions or we think that we are haunted, what really happens is that we see images of past events that took place in a particular spot. Some intense events leave energy traces in the place where they happened.


They Won’t Hurt You

Ghosts don’t have the intention of hurting anybody and cannot do it, except from some very evil spirits. All they do is trying to get your attention by moving things, generating noises or creating smells.


Ghosts Team up with Other Ghosts

They make friends from other similar spirits that are also in their situation, lost. These spirits can be from different eras of history.


Most of Them Are Happy

Even if they appear to be in a good mood and are having fun by trying to grab our attention, they still keep the emotional baggage of their suffering.

Many say that ghosts don’t exist, but those who tell you that have never experienced anything paranormal in their life. People who live in haunted houses know about how cold is a room after a ghost has passed through it…Do you believe in ghosts?

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