5 Reasons Why Guys Don't Dig Twilight ...


5 Reasons Why Guys Don't Dig Twilight ...
5 Reasons Why Guys Don't Dig Twilight ...

Some guys do not dig Twilight. They call it every name in the book, while they ignore all of the other movies/books. So, why have they targeted Twilight to vent about? Below, I am going to give you 5 reasons why guys don’t dig Twilight …

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They Can’t Be a Vampire

Some guys want to be a vampire. They don’t like Twilight because they can’t be a vampire. Is this the real reason? If this isn’t the reason, then maybe the other 4 reasons would make better since.


They Can’t Be like the Guys on Twilight

Okay, so this reason makes more since! Guys do not like Twilight because they cannot be like the guys on Twilight.


Guys Aren’t into Romance Movies

Yeah, I admit it, Guys are not really into romance movies. So, it would make since as to why guys would not like Twilight. However, guys, you need to look deeper, it’s not all about love.


They’re Girl Seems to like It More than She Likes Him

I guess some girls take it too far. Some guys do not like Twilight, because their girlfriend has neglected them over it. She would much rather watch the movie or read the book than spend time with him. Yeah, I should start counseling people for Twilight Addiction. Smiles.


Because They’re Tired of Hearing about It

Yeah, guys, since Twilight has come out, you have probably heard a lot about it. You probably can’t get much words in there, because she’s so busy telling you about Twilight and how she wishes you were like them. Oh, that’s the main reason – she wishes you were like them.

Darn Twilight! Twilight has done made girls wish for a guy that does not exist. Guys don’t like this. Okay, so really, what is your reason why guys do not like Twilight. Go ask the guy that is near you.

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