5 Signs You Are Obsessed with Twilight ...


5 Signs You Are Obsessed with Twilight ...
5 Signs You Are Obsessed with Twilight ...

Many individuals search for a paranormal investigator and sometimes, they end up going for the wrong thing and get ripped off. I do not want to see you get ripped off by someone who claims they are a paranormal investigator, yet, they are nothing more – they are less than that. Therefore, it is time that I give you 5 ways to find a paranormal investigator.

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The Internet

I am a firm believer that the Internet is a very resourceful tool. You should use this tool with every chance you get. Right now, looking for a paranormal investigator would be a great reason to get on the Internet. You can research and read what others are saying about the investigator on your list.


Ask around

Perhaps you have friends that are into the paranormal stuff or have been into it? If so, then it would be a good idea to ask them. They might know someone who knows someone – you never know, unless you ask.


Every State Has One

Did you know that every state will have at least one good paranormal investigation team? If you look at About.com, you can find a listing. Look into the groups and contact them to ask any questions you may have.



Okay, so you have found an amateur at the local college campus. Why not give them a try? This would be a great idea if they are not asking for any money. Surely, if they are a student, they would be excited to look at any spooky problems you have.



This may sound strange, but you can go to Myspace.com and type in “paranormal investigator” in the search tool. During this time, you will find many groups and individuals that you wish you knew.

Those are 5 ways to find a paranormal investigator. So, do you need one?

Top Photo Credit: Sam Knox

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