5 Signs You're in Love with Edward ...


5 Signs You're in Love with Edward ...
5 Signs You're in Love with Edward ...

Below, I am going to give you 5 signs you’re in love with Edward. If you answer yes to all of these questions, then you may be in love with him!

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You Look at Your Boyfriend and Wish He Was Edward

If you look at your boyfriend and wish he was Edward, then you could be in love with Edward. I have never done this, because I’m not really into Edward. I do like how he is old fashioned, but I am more into my husband.


You Can’t Get Enough of Edward

No matter what you do, you cannot get enough of Edward. You have read the book numerous times and you wish that it would not end! You even dream about him at night and love every sparkling dream you have.


You Cry at the Fact That Edward Isn’t Real

You have faced reality. You have faced the cold hard truth that Edward is not real and you hate it. Tears fall down your eyes about it. Where oh where is there a guy like Edward?


You Have Pictures of Edward All over Your Walls

Wow! Look at all of those pictures plastered all over your bedroom walls! You are either really in love with a fictional character or you are obsessed! On another note, those are some nice pictures.


You Write “I Love Edward” on Everything

Oh yeah, if you do this, then you are definitely in love with Edward! Obviously, you are on Team Edward!

Also, if you love Edward and honestly love him, you will type “ I Love Edward” at the end of this blog. Of course, if you are on Team Jacob, you will probably type the opposite. Well, that’s 5 signs you’re in love with Edward. Are you in love with Edward? Why do you love him so much?

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