5 Things Vampires Cannot do in the Human World ...

By Melanie

5 Things Vampires Cannot do in the Human World ...

Vampires are interesting creatures. There are so many interesting facts revolving around them that it is hard to tell you all of them. Right now, I am not focusing on those facts. I am going to tell you 5 things vampires cannot do in the human world …

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Go in the Sun

We all know that a vampire cannot go out in the sun at any cost. If they go out in the sun, everything is going to come to an end.


Be around Blood

Many vampires cannot be around blood without showing their true self. We are not talking about the vampires from Twilight either – we know many of those can cope with blood, but not the normal vampires.


Get Mad

Generally, when a vampire gets mad, their true colors emerge. This is definitely something a vampire should avoid at all costs when they are out and about in the human world.


Suck on Someone’s Neck

Don’t you think it would look strange if a vampire, in daylight were to suck on someone’s neck? Yes, this is definitely something they cannot do in the human world.


Dash like an Animal

I know that vampires are supernatural and when they run, they do not run like a normal human. However, in the human world, if a vampire were to show this, people would catch on. Therefore, they cannot dash like an animal.

Those are 5 things a vampire cannot do in the human world. Things would not be good for them if they were to do any of the things from my list. What else can’t they do?

Top Photo Credit: Randy Orton

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