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5 Tips on Dating a Werewolf ...

By Melanie

The thought of a werewolf used to scare me when I was a child. I would swear that there was one hiding in my closet and would make my parents check every night … 3 times a night. Now, I like them. Of course, if I came across one in real life, I would be scared, I’m sure. Right now, I am going to give you 5 tips on dating a werewolf for all of you brave girls out there …

5 “No Wet Dogs Allowed”

On your door, put up a sign that reads “no wet dogs allowed.” Seriously, have you ever smelled a werewolf after they took a dip in the creak down the road? Do you really want to allow this in your home? Make them stay out to dry.

4 Don’t Make Them Mad

Yes, just like with a vampire, you do not want to make a werewolf mad. The werewolf is not able to control the anger so well. Do you know that steak he planned on having for dinner? Well, you can cancel that, because you will be the dinner. The steak will be desert.

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3 Keep a Food Pan on the Floor

If you really like the boyfriend, you could even have his name engraved into the dish. Remember girls, don’t forget to supply him with a dish of fresh water.

2 Don’t Fall in Love

Chances are slim that he is going to imprint on you. He would of done it already. Therefore, you need to avoid falling in love with him, because he will break your heart when he doesn’t imprint on you.

1 Never Kiss a Dog

Do you hear people walking around saying “I kissed a dog and I liked it …” No, I didn’t think so. When he is in wolf form, you may want to hold off from those kisses

Those are my 5 tips on dating a werewolf. You need to keep these in mind, just in case you ever date a werewolf. So, do you like werewolves?

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