5 Tips on Palm Reading ...

By Melanie

5 Tips on Palm Reading ...

Palm reading is cool, whether you recognize that or not. Some believe palm reading isn’t real, while others think it is. Of course, if you go to a palm reader at the local carnival, they may be a fake. Remember, not everyone who says they are a palm reader is a good palm reader. You want to be a good one? Then I am going to give you 5 tips on palm reading …

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5 Look at the Hand Closely

When you look at the individual’s hand, it is important to look at it closely. How does it look? Is the hand soft? Are there nails clean? Or does the hand feel rough and nails are a bit dirty? Believe it or not, you can tell a lot by a person’s hand.

4 When They Let You Move Their Hand Freely

When the individual allows you to freely move their hand, this would mean that they usually go with the flow of things. Yes, even with life.

3 The Life Line

The life line is the number one most important line that you will be looking at when you read palms. This is the line that is close to the thumb. It is the line that is curving down. The life line is interesting, because it can show how long you have to live.

2 Head Line

When someone is smart, you may find a really deep or really long head line.

1 Be Serious

When you are reading palms, it is important that you keep a serious mind. If you are goofing and playing around, you are not going to get anywhere.

There you have 5 tips on palm reading. So, do you have any palm reading advice you would like to give? Have you ever had your palms read?

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