5 Ways to Be like a Werewolf ...


5 Ways to Be like a Werewolf ...
5 Ways to Be like a Werewolf ...

If you want to look like a werewolf to impress someone at a party or for whatever other reason, I have 5 ways to be like a werewolf below …

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Don’t Shave

What do werewolves look like? Well, they are very hairy creatures! If you have hit puberty and are growing hair, then don’t shave – surely, you will look like a werewolf if you don’t shave.


Embracing your natural hair growth can be empowering and liberating. Allow your body hair to flourish across your legs, arms, and perhaps even your face if you're comfortable with it. Transforming into the werewolf aesthetic isn't just about appearance; it's also about embodying confidence in your skin. Ditch the razor, and you'll find yourself closer to that feral and primal state. Plus, it saves you time in your grooming routine, giving you those extra minutes to practice your howling or prowling – whichever skill you feel adds more to your werewolf persona!


Act like You’re Hiding Something

This one is easy to do. If you act like you are hiding something, then skip on over to number 3, you will be sure to fool your friends – unless, of course, you really are one.


Be subtly secretive. Perhaps whisper to yourself or sneak glances over your shoulder like you're wary of being followed. Keep a little mystery around your actions - maybe hide your phone screen when others are near or laugh to yourself quietly, as if you're privy to an inside joke. This type of behavior could lead your friends to believe you're concealing your full moon escapades. Just be sure not to overdo it or you'll tip them off that you're in full werewolf pretense mode!


Talk about Werewolves

Don’t just talk about them, but get caught researching “the curse.” You know- werewolves are the way they are, so research it and leave “the curse” open on your computer.


Immersing yourself in the lore of lycanthropy isn't just about becoming the talk of your pack. Lose yourself in ancient legends, moonlit rituals, and the ever-thrilling transformation tales. What better way to embrace your inner beast than to understand its origins? So, when your friends catch a glimpse of your browser history—packed with searches on "how to survive a werewolf transformation" or "full moon legends"—they'll know just how deep under your skin the werewolf spirit has scratched. And who knows? Perhaps they'll even start locking their doors during the next full moon, just in case.


Stare at the Moon

Werewolves have a tendency to howl at the moon. While you may look a bit strange sitting there in your human form howling at the moon, you could always just sit there and stare at it. Did you know that dogs do this normally? I always thought this was neat.


Sinking into the mystery of the lunar orb, contemplate its beauty and the way it moves the tides within and without. There's something undeniably romantic and primal about the moon, and connecting with it can stir the wildness within you. Plus, embracing the moon's cycle mirrors the transformational nature of werewolves. On a full moon night, let the silver light wash over you and imagine the strength and freedom that comes with the shift. It's a wonderful, spiritual experience that nurtures your inner wolf and invites a touch of the supernatural into your everyday life.


Be Smart

I have always thought of werewolves as smart creatures. Unless, of course, they are in their wolf form – then they seem to be creatures that one cannot control. However, nonetheless, they seem like they know how to hide what they are doing. So, if you are wanting to act like a werewolf, be smart!

Those are 5 ways to be like a werewolf. I really enjoyed writing this post and I hope you enjoyed learning how to act like one of these wonderful creatures. Remember, acting like a werewolf is going to take time, but soon, you will master it. So, do you have any other tips?

Top Photo Credit: kit grene

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