5 Ways to Keep a Werewolf out of Your Garden ...

By Melanie

5 Ways to Keep a Werewolf out of Your Garden ...

Oh, if only I created a werewolf movie. I would have all kinds of weird stuff in it. For example, what are 5 ways to keep a werewolf out of your garden? I would be sure to have my characters act out some of the things below!

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Do you leave carcasses in your garden? Well, you need to stop this! Wolves love anything that is made of meat. Be sure to dispose all of your carcasses in the right area – out of your garden. This will help keep the werewolf out of your garden. Repeat after me “I will take all carcasses out of my garden.” Yes, that’s right.



Forget using that little fence around your garden. This is not going to help these dudes! You might want to build a big old giant cage around your crops. Sink the bottom of the cage ten feet into the grout with cement. Oh, make sure the cage is made of silver. Careful, this may cost a lot.


Hairy Friends

Do you have some hairy friends of your own? Then you may want to let them stand guard around your garden twenty four hours, seven days a week.


Avoid Planting Illicium Floridanum

This is a wet dog shrub. You should also avoid planting Erythronium and Cornus Florida in your garden.



Create some life-sized dolls. Sort of like scarecrow, but made out of silver. Make it look like skin – don’t use real skin! When they swallow a big old gulp, your problem will be solved.

Those are 5 ways to keep a werewolf out of your garden. Surely, you will need to write some of these down. Oh yeah and for number 1, if you do this, you may need a fork lift of something to move the doll, because silver can get pretty heavy. So, what would you do to keep a werewolf out of your garden?

Top Photo Credit: aelurus

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