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With Halloween coming up, I looked into various costumes online; just to see what is available. Of course, there are plenty of Twilight costumes and some of them are amazing! Here are 5 cool twilight costumes I found that you might want to take a look at.

5. Dress like the Volturi

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I love the way this cape has black velvet on the outside and red satin on the inside. The combination is beautiful and very alluring. It is perfect for dressing up like a member of the Volturi or even for donning some fangs and going as an anonymous vampire.

4. Teen Vampire

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I know this isn’t the typical attire of any vampire in Twilight, but I thought it had some great details. The scalloped neckline and collar are the perfect touch. I also like the iridescent satin cape and how it isn’t a full-length one. This is a nice change from the traditional full cape with straight edges.

3. The Alice Cullen Look

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This might be a bit pricey for a costume, but at least you’ll have a winter coat once Halloween is over. All you have to do is add some amber contacts for a more authentic look and some short dark hair to look a bit more like Alice Cullen.

2. Wear Bella’s Prom Dress

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If you’re looking for a costume that looks more like something Bella would wear, then here is a dress resembling the one Bella wore to prom in the movie. Unless people have seen the movie, they might not know who you are supposed to be, but it is a gorgeous color and could be worn later on too.

1. Jacob Black

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There really isn’t a link that can be added for this costume, since it basically involves cutting off a pair of blue jeans and ditching the shirt. Guys who can pull off this costume successfully might be a bit cold during a Halloween outing. Most of the werewolf costumes are too gruesome to really look anything like the wolves in the Twilight series; otherwise I would have posted a link to one of those.

Even if you aren’t one for dressing up on Halloween, these costumes are still fun to look at. I’m always impressed with the detail that some costume creators add. Have you come across any cool costumes that follow a Twilight theme? What were your favorites?

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