5 Cool Twilight Pictures of Bella of Flickr.com ...

By Melanie

5 Cool Twilight Pictures of Bella of Flickr.com ...

Bella is a character that we all love and hate at the same time from Twilight. She and Edward are true lovers, yet, Jacob comes into that and creates a triangle and at times, it’s hard to guess what Bella’s next move is going to be. I have decided to make this post full of pictures of Bella. Nothing but Bella. I am going to show you 5 cool Twilight pictures of Bella of Flickr.com

5 Kristen Stewart and Edward

Photo Credit: netmen!

I really like this picture of Bella and Edward together with the forest behind them. It’s funny how one picture can say so much by just looking at it. The look in their eyes is amazing.

4 What’s Going on?

Photo Credit: Twilgнt

I do not know what is going on in this picture, but they kind of look upset. In this picture, Bella kind of has that suicidal look. While Edward has a strange look on his face as well. If you could put words in their mouth, what would they be saying?

3 This Was Never Going to End Was It

Photo Credit: Faиταѕγcharm

I really like how Bella is lying on the ground with the ribbon wrapped around her. This is a fan made poster and I think they did a pretty good job, don’t you?

2 If Bella Was in a Video Game

Photo Credit: Mαrtinα

If Bella was in a video game, I think this is how she would like. I really like how this picture looks. What do you think?

1 You Are My Life Now

Photo Credit: autumnlovewinter

This is a gorgeous picture of Bella and Edward together. When I look at it, I truly feel the love.

Those are 5 Twilight Pictures of Bella of Flickr.com that I really like. It’s kind of hard to find pictures of Bella that do not have Edward in them! Which ones do you like the most?

Top Photo Credit: autumnlovewinter

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