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5 Mind Grabbing Scenes from the Twilight Series ...

By Melanie

There was definitely plenty of action in the Twilight series. I thought each book had a great combination of action, romance, and general story telling. While it was hard to choose, the 5 mind grabbing scenes from the Twilight series that I recall the most are described below in detail. If you are still reading the books, then you might not want to continue reading what I’ve listed below.

5 The Rush to save Edward

Even thought I couldn’t imagine any harm ever coming to Edward, it was still suspenseful to read about Bella and Alice’s flight to stop him from self-destruction. I kept waiting for the Volturi to step in at the very last minute and foil the plan.

4 Birth of the Baby

The birthing process was very graphic and horrific. Bella had already gone through so much just carrying the infant. I was glad when it was all over and everyone was doing well. Talk about suspense!

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3 Bella’s near-death Experience with the Van

I think my mouth dropped open when I read this part of the book. Actually, I think I read it twice! I just couldn’t imagine anything happening to Bella right at the beginning of the series, but I definitely didn’t expect Edward to step in so soon.

2 Battle with the Newborns

The most detailed portion of this battle is the fight between Edward and Victoria. There was a lot of suspense. I remember gripping the book as I was reading this part. The decapitation at the end of the battle was priceless.

1 Meeting the Volturi

Reading about the reaction this group of vampires had on other vampires was very interesting. I’d had the feeling that nothing really seemed to faze vampires, until I read about the meeting between the Cullens and the Volturi.

The best part about each of these scenes is that they are so detailed; it’s easy to visualize them in my mind. I think that’s why I remember these scenes the most. Which parts of the book do you think are completely unforgettable? Why do you suppose you remember them so well?

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