5 Signs We Are Living in a Twilight World ...

By Melanie

5 Signs We Are Living in a Twilight World ...

It’s a Twilight world. What? You don’t believe me on this? Below, I am going to give you 5 signs we are living in a Twilight world …

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5 Twilight Stuff Everywhere

Every time I turn around, I run into Twilight stuff. Of course, I just have to stop and look, because after all, I am a Twilight fan.

4 Twilight Bras

Okay, this is where the line draws. I was okay with them putting Twilight on key chains, folders, shirts, posters and maybe even underwear, but Twilight bras? Now that I see Twilight bras, I definitely know we are living in a Twilight world.

3 Twilight Posters in Your Mom’s Room

Yes, I just implied that there are Twilight posters in your mom’s room. Since when did she keep up with the latest things? Isn’t she stuck in the old days on Grease and all those other classic movies that were popular back then? Well, it’s a Twilight world when you see posters in her room. Many moms have Twilight posters today! What next? Your grandmother having it?

2 He’s Called Edward and You’re Called Bella

You and your boyfriend share a lot together. In fact, you have come up with this thing where he will call you Bella and you will call him Edward. This way, when you are thinking about Edward and accidently call him Edward, you can get away with it. Now, you are definitely living in a Twilight World.

1 You Get a Volvo S60R

The Volvo S60R is the original Volvo that Edward was driving in Twilight. Because of this reason, you have gone out and purchased one of these. Yes, you are definitely a Twilight fan living in a Twilight World.

Those are 5 signs we are living in a Twilight World. Yes, it is a Twilight world after all. Do you see any other signs?

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