5 Insane Villains on Video Games ...


5 Insane Villains on Video Games ...
5 Insane Villains on Video Games ...

In video games there is always a villain that has to be defeated or dealt with in any video game. You have you're semi villains and then you have your insane villains that will destroy everything in this path to get the job done. Well, I wanted to give you my 5 Insane Villains on Video Games…

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Wesker (Resident Evil 5)

This guy most hold a big grudge with Chris and Sheva, because he constantly comes back to kill you. He wants you dead no matter what! He fights you before the airfield and on the airplane. When you crash he turns himself into a creature to kill you. This guy still tries to kill you after being defeated for the last time. You blow him up with a RPG. I wonder if he will still come back in the next Resident evils.


Albedo (Xenosaga I, II, III)

If you want insane, then you should know this guy is truly not all there. He has some famous quotes I want to add to this topic. "Come on, come on, come on, come on, come on! Now die!". He always wants the characters in this game to die. They are inferior to human’s that ruin his plans on retrieving the real Zohar Modifier. This game has a very in-depth story.


Sarah Kerrigan (StarCraft 1 and 2)

When she was killed and reformed as the new Zerg Queen, she lost all mind of humanity and looked to conquer the universe. This evil women doesn’t care for life or the underlings, she is looking for destruction.


Deathwing: Cataclysm (World of Warcraft)

This insane villain has vengeance on both the alliance and the horde. Deathwing changes the world as we know it and he is seeking revenge! He puts a huge crater through most of the Azeroth and lands on the top of Stormwind. This made a huge change on the outlook of the game.


Sephiroth (Final Fantasy 7)

This is the number one villain in my opinion. Sephiroth the leading soldier in Shrina finds out a secret that makes him flip to destroy the world and he wants to make the promise land. He unleashes the power of the black materia to send a huge meteor to the planet to destroy all life.

A villain in my opinion should always be insane to be the best at what they do. Do you think these are some of the best insane villains?

Top Photo Credit: Dino Downy

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