5 Top Monster Video Games ...

By Melanie

5 Top Monster Video Games ...

Are you a gamer and want to play some of the top monster games? Well you are in luck, my husband plays tons of different video games that have monsters in it. Let me give you my 5 Top Monster Video Games…

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5 Resident Evil 5 Xbox 360 and PS3

This game has more than enough monsters to scare you. They have zombies, mindless zombies and huge monster bat zombies! They even have a huge spider zombies or dog zombies. This game is packed full of scary zombies.

4 Dead Space

Who knows what these monsters are, but they are scary. These Necromorphs are humans that lost their minds and evolved to something even scarier. These things act like mindless zombies, but they do much worst. They have large claws and big teeth and they use they hands to stab right threw you.

3 Silent Hill

Silent hill has more than enough monsters to have you wetting your pants. The pyramid head creature is what scared me. This monster is just not right. Who wants to be torn apart or stabbed with a big sword? Not me…

2 Bio Shock 2

Bio shock 2 just insanely scary and they have plenty of monsters. Big daddy, big sister and little sister fit in as monsters. This game is also crazy and fun. This is one monster game I like to play online and for the main story.

1 Splatterhouse!

This game is fun and has tons of monsters. You get to crush, cut and tear apart whatever monster comes your way. This game came out on the Sega genesis and now remade on the x box 360. Let’s go splat some monsters!

There is nothing like playing a monster game in the dark. I picked these games, because these are some I’ve played or husband played. Do you have any monster games that you want to mention?

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