5 Monsters of the Deep ...

By Melanie

5 Monsters of the Deep ...

I would like to talk about the creatures that lurk the deep blue. These creatures live in the deep ocean, lakes or rivers. If you find one of these creatures, the best thing to do is run. Let me give you my 5 Monsters of the Deep…

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Lochness Monster

This creature is sighted in Scotland in a major lake near the highlands. This monster looks like a dinosaur that was dated back in the Jurassic times. It has a long neck and fins for both front and back.


Megalodon Shark

This is the largest shark to roam the ocean! This huge monster lives deep in the water waiting for its chance to strike prey from below. This creature hasn’t shown its face for thousands of years and was around in the Jurassic time age. There have been fossils found.



The siren is a mythical creature of the deep sea that use to lure men on ships to it’s beautiful music. As their listening to the music the ship gets banked or damaged beyond repairs, because these sirens were on a island that was full of sharp rocks to destroy boats. This is how they lured their meals in.


Sea Serpent

This sea serpent is much bigger than just a common water snake. Their known to have huge teeth and dragon type features. They were well known to ancient legends and tale tells of ship yards.


The Mighty Kraken

The Kraken is a huge squid that roams the open waters for search of new food. They often horde the treasures of the deep and keep the pirates away from the gold. The creature can take down any boat in matter of a few minutes.

Most of these creatures have been sighted, but never found. Do you find these 5 Monsters of the Deep scary?

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Good list! I just wish you made it ten. =)

Is that really all there is to it because that'd be flaebbragsting.

Yep it should be 10