5 Things That Could Happen on 2012 ...


5 Things That Could Happen on 2012 ...
5 Things That Could Happen on 2012 ...

We all know that the year 2012 is on the way and we heard that it is the end of the Mayan calendar. December 21 2012 could be a disaster or could be another Y2k event. Let me give you my 5 Things That Could Happen On 2012…

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We All Could Cause Major Problem

We all could cause a major problem, by over thinking something could happen and we cause it. The only thing that could go wrong with this is that we could panic and go into a end of the world phase. Not likely to happen, but I’m open minded.


Calendar Resets…

The Mayan Calendar might just start over. Who knows what could happen. The Mayans might have though many years ago, that they might not even make it to that date. So they never added more years to it.


Huge Disaster Strikes

I’m sure you guys have seen 2012 the movie and this could happen. The core could get hot and cause some bad problems with the land we call earth. Earth quakes, huge water tides and land falling could happen. Might be unlikely, but I am open minded once again.


Aliens Could Visit

Mayans have some neat arts that they have drawn on many walls of their pyramids and some of them are pictures of flying objects. They draw birds in different areas, so this can’t be mistaken by birds. Flying machines of some sort and they could have seen aliens. The 2012 December 12 could be the date they come back. Once again I’m open minded about this.



This could be another Y2K problem and it fixes it self. Maybe it’s a marketing technique and they get your money from all the supplies you buy before it happens. I’m very sure we all will be watching this day and clinging to each other hoping nothing happens on December 12 of 2012.

2012 might be a good year or it could go for the worst. Many different predictions about this date and what could happen. It could just be another Y2K and nothing happens. What do you think?

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So far so good

Well, I'm a firm believer in God. So my opinion is probably WAY different than others, because I am a christian. I believe that only God knows when the world will end. It could be now, tomorrow or in 500 years. The bible DOES state that there will be weird, or "strange" happenings that take place before the rapture. So the earthquakes in places that normally don't have natural disasters, could be a sign. (: We never know.

Wait, is it Dec 12 or Dec 21? You switch between the 2...I'd like to know... just in case :-)

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