Breaking Dawn Will Officially Be in 2 Parts ...


Breaking Dawn Will Officially Be in 2 Parts ...
Breaking Dawn Will Officially Be in 2 Parts ...

The final book in the Twilight saga has so much detail packed into it that it is virtually impossible for everything to be squeezed into one movie. So, it’s official, Breaking Dawn will officially be in 2 parts. This tends to be a huge plus to most Twilight fans, since followers generally wish the series would never end. But, as the saying goes; All good things must come to an end.

Losing detail, due to the amount of movie time available, was a big concern with the first movies in the Twilight series. By having two parts, the Breaking Dawn movie should be able to appease Twilight followers and leave no stone unturned. The hardest part will be the wait in between each half of the movie.

So far, each movie has had a different director. Thankfully the same person is going to be directing both halves of this movie. The cast will remain the same, so there’s no odd switch in actors or anything like that.

There are some people who feel that dividing the book into two movie parts will cause it to not have enough filler. I think there is more than enough content to adequately portray the entire book. The last book is piled high with so many separate stories that dividing it up will make it clearer. There are too many movies that have important parts omitted, in order to save time. That doesn’t need to be the case for Breaking Dawn.

While I’m completely ecstatic that there are two more movies in the Twilight saga to look forward too, I know not everyone shares my joy. Are you elated or distraught over the decision to make two movies out of Breaking Dawn? Please feel free to share what you think about this announcement.

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