5 Comic Book Creatures ...


5 Comic Book Creatures ...
5 Comic Book Creatures ...

Comic books are exciting peace of art that tells a small story about some particular story through small words and pictures. My favorite comic book was Archie and my husbands is the X-men. I wanted to create this blog to tell you about 5 Comic Book Creatures…

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The Brood

The brood is off the x men comics. The brood was an alien type creature that captured the x men and took their forms. Wolverine was the only survivor that saves the x men from this weird alien type creature. They looked like the aliens off the alien movies.



The phalanx was a creature that assimilated life and made it their own. Just like the Borg of star trek. These creatures took over the world and made marvel comics for the x men very famous. The story was a big saga that lasted a very long time. Wolverine and some others helped stop this creature from taking everything and assimilating it.



Venom is human and the other part of him is an alien life form that took his body over. This alien life form takes the body over and turns him into a killing machine. The life form acts like a suit and was once on spider man.


Sonic the Hedgehog

He is not just famous for his appearance in video games, but he also a comic book. He is a hedgehog that can run very fast and stop the big egg head doctor robotic. Sonic is a hedgehog that moves fast, what a concept.


Killer Croc

From the deep depths of DC comics is the enemy of batman the killer croc. This creature is part human and crocodile. He is one of batman’s major enemies in the comics and in the cartoon.

Comic books have been around for a long time. My husband use to collect them, but found that the newer comics don’t have the same tone and writing stories as they use to. Do you know any more creatures in comic books?

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