5 Creatures of the Night ...


5 Creatures of the Night ...
5 Creatures of the Night ...

Creatures that are active in the night time always had something special, mysterious. People associate some of them with Halloween. Let’s see 5 examples of these creatures and some things about them…

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These creatures are known to feed from humans or animals with blood and they do this at night. It is said they sleep all day in coffins and that they are active in nighttime. Vampires are part of many myths but nobody knows if they are real.



These are birds of prey that are also hunting in the night, their vision is enhanced to see in the dark and they are making scary sounds sometimes and look creepy, they are associated with death.



They live in caves or on tree branches, they sleep hanged with the heads down during the day and at night they fly in search for food, they can detect the objects by a natural sonar that they own. But they also have good vision. They use the ultrasounds in night flying.


The Werewolf

This is a human that can change his form in to a wolf like creature, this process takes place at night in the full moon. They have extraordinary powers, much more than an average human.


The Succubus

The creature is known to capture human souls, it is a seductive demon woman that has the appearance of a human woman. It appears in dreams at night and seduces the victim trying to have sexual relations. In time the affected individual may suffer diseases and even die.

If you were now in the middle of the night in a lonely place like a field or something similar would you fear that one of these night creatures could hunt you? More likely you will see bats or hear owls, this is not so scary, but the mythical creatures…well that is another subject…

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