5 Popular Vampires from the Real World ...


5 Popular Vampires from the Real World ...
5 Popular Vampires from the Real World ...

Here are 5 popular vampires from the real world that I’ve gathered together. Some of them you will recognize right away, since even small children know of their name, while others might seem completely new to you.

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Not many people think of this vampire right away when someone asks them to list famous vampires. The main vampire character in this story came about in a 1921 German horror film. His name is Orlock. Nosferatu is a silent film that is very similar to that of Count Dracula.



As the daughter of Dracula, Lilith is a vampire, of course. She has different powers and weaknesses than other vampires. Lilith doesn’t have to avoid sunlight and isn’t afraid of holy symbols. A curse was put on her to make her a vampire in the first place. The curse also makes her hunt for her father and try to kill him. She first appeared in a Marvel Comics production in June of 1974.


Lestat De Lioncourt

Anne Rice first introduced Lestat in her book Interview with a Vampire, written in 1973. Lestat was a French vampire of aristocratic blood. He was transformed into a vampire while living in Paris and left without guidance when his creator commits suicide.


Edward Cullen

Although this vampire is a relatively new addition to the list of famous vampires, he is already very well-known. He was transformed into a vampire while on his death bed, after having lost his mother to influenza. Edward is one of the few famous vampires who don’t prey on humans.


Count Dracula

Most children have even heard of Count Dracula. There have been numerous stories and movies made about him and even a Muppet character. Bram Stoker developed this character in 1897. He came from the town of Transylvania in Romania and was one of the first charming vampires to emerge in stories. Many of the past Eastern European vampires from folklore were somewhat repulsive.

I hope you enjoy reading about these vampires. While these are merely blurbs about them, a lot more information can be found about each of these vampires online. Do you know about another famous vampire that isn’t listed here? What do you find most intriguing about vampires in general.

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