5 Cool Paranormal Definitions ...


5 Cool Paranormal Definitions ...
5 Cool Paranormal Definitions ...

For the past couple of weeks, I have been writing paranormal definitions for you. I have to admit that I actually enjoy giving you guys and girls a list of paranormal definitions and I plan on keeping this one up for as long as I possibly can. In the paragraphs below, you are going to find 5 cool paranormal definitions …

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Alpha Rhythm

This is electrical activity that happens in the human brain. It happens whenever you are awake and relaxed. Alpha Rhythm has another name that you may of heard of before and that is alpha wave.


Dowsing Rods

Have you ever heard of dowsing rods before? These are two rods that are held out in front of one. They cross whenever there is any sign of paranormal activity in the area. For many years, they were used to find burial sites and water for wells.


Intelligent Haunting

Intelligent haunting happens when spirits dwell in a certain area and demonstarate an interaction with people here on earth in the physical realm.



This is actually a German word for “noisy ghost.” They are actually ghosts. Speaking of this, have any of you saw the movie Poltergeist? It is definitely worth the watch.



This is a long streak running across a photograph. It could be caused by a high speeding orb. Some say that the vorex is a gateway between both the spirit and the physical realms. Generally, they are white in color and could show up in a funnel-shape.

Those were 5 cool paranormal definitions. Remember, if you have never heard these words before, you need to write them down and study them. This way, as you are doing your research and one of these words pops up, you will be able to understand it. Do you like this post?

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