5 Vampire Myths ...


5 Vampire Myths ...
5 Vampire Myths ...

I know vampires are supposed to be completely made-up characters, but even vampires have myths told about them. I can think of 5 vampire myths that are too unbelievable, even for a supposedly imaginary being. Here are the 5 I’ve collected.

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They Can Turn into Bats

Vampires are supposed to be people who have been bitten by another vampire. This said I don’t see how this human-turned-vampire can now become a shape-shifter. They could easily become more powerful, but not suddenly start changing into a completely different animal.


Vampires Are Usually Males Who Prey on Virgin Females

This might be the way things used to be, but nowadays vampires can be male or female. They also don’t really care which sex is supplying the blood, as long as it is fresh. For a hungry vampire, age and beauty mean nothing. It’s what’s inside that counts!


They Will Burst into Flames when the Sun Hits Them

I can understand how they might get sunburned easier or be more sensitive to the light, since they spend so much time running around in the dark to hunt. However, bursting into flames seems very unlikely.


A Stake through the Heart Means Death

Um, aren’t vampires supposed to be dead already? The heart is what keeps humans alive, so I don’t see how stabbing a heart that isn’t beating is going to kill something that is already dead. This method of getting rid of vampires always sounded a bit odd to me, even as a kid.


They Sleep in Coffins

Come on. Really? A being who isn’t living decides to spend time hanging out inside of a coffin? I just can’t imagine why on earth this would be appealing at all. I know it’s supposed to be nice and dark in there, but I can think of many other places that would be much more comfortable.

I know these myths are commonly used in a lot of vampire stories and there are tons more. It seems new ones are constantly being created as well. Have you heard of a vampire myth that is way too unbelievable? What is the oddest one you’ve ever heard of?

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Vampires are mythical creatures to begin with. There's no such thing as a myth about a mythical creature. The various parts are usually adapted to fit the writer's story, from immediately combusting, to sunburn to just feeling weak in sunlight for instance. The whole romanticized virgin female angle just makes for a good story, but won't fit in with a action movie for instance, so gets conveniently thrown out the window at the writer's whim. Older vampire stories were also more focused on religion, where newer ones tend to ignore those angles completely.

@Werner, every one of these myths are true, according to the original books.

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