5 Facts on Scooby Doo ...


5 Facts on Scooby Doo ...
5 Facts on Scooby Doo ...

Scooby Scooby Doo, where are you? Yes, I enjoyed watching this cartoon when I was a little one and now, I see my daughter pushing Spongebob Square Pants to the side to enjoy some Scooby Doo every now and then. I have decided to give you 5 facts on Scooby Doo …

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Mystery Machine

Daphne’s father is the real owner of the Mystery Machine. The Mystery Machine is a four-wheel drive vehicle and I always thought it was pretty cool.


Shaggy Sheep Dog

Scooby Doo was almost make as a shaggy sheep dog, instead of a big old Great Dane. The makers went for the big Great Dane. His original name started out as Too Much, but before it was released, it became Scooby Doo.


Shaggy’s Name

Shaggy’s real name is Norville Rogers. Wow, now that I think of it, Shaggy really does look like a Norville.


Scooby Full Name

Scooby really is not Scooby’s full name. His real name is Scoobrt “Scooby” Doo. In dog years, he is two hundred and eighty years old. That is forty years old in human years.


Scooby Doo Family

Scooby Doo has a pretty good sized family. He has his little nephew, Scrappy Doo who first appeared on the show in 1979. He also has his half-wit cousin named Scooby Dum.

Those are 5 facts on Scooby Doo. From time to time, you will find my writing facts on this blog – I always enjoyed reading facts and sharing what I have learned with my readers. As you can tell, I recently learned some facts on Scooby Doo and I just had to share them with you. My favorite is how Scooby was going to be a shaggy sheep dog –that would of been cute, but he would not of been the Scooby we know today. What do you like about this cartoon?

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