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5 Facts on Scene Kids ...

By Melanie

Scene kids are in fact still EMO kids but only at the image level, they are not emotional. They don’t like sensitive people and they are a happy type. They dress, wear their hear and make-up similar to EMO-s but not exactly like them, being also known as Fashion Kids. These are their main traits:

5 The Clothes

They wear tight jeans and shirts, big glasses sometimes and bandanas in their back pockets or around their neck, they have punk hair styles sometimes with multiple colors , neon like and black, they wear eyeliner. Girls use flat jeans , unlike boys.

4 Concerts

Going to rock concerts is one of their favorite occupation, and they call them “shows”.

3 The Weird Pictures

They put a lot of pictures made from a variety of different and weird angles on social networks on the internet and they have a lot of virtual friends.

2 Extra Letters on Words

Adding extra letters on words, for example “kiiid”, is a must if you want to be like them, they also use often internet abbreviations like: “OMG, WTF…”. They usually end words in z, example:”ballz”.

1 They're Fun and a Bit on the Kid SIde

The are warm with others and very fun, it is a joy to have them around. They like childish things like dinosaurs , robots and others things alike, also intense colors and stylish writings.

These adolescents are a new generation that thinks free and lives free and this is manifesting as a music taste or in fashion. There are a lot of misconceptions about Scene Kids, some think, because of their ignorance that they are equal to EMO kids, others say many bad things about them like they are odd and or freaks, but many of us don’t realize these are just teenagers who didn’t reach maturity and are still in search for their identity or a personality. What would you think?

Top Photo Credit: noypingtambay

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