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Oh, Nostradamus was an interesting man and there is no denying this. Even today, many individuals are still talking about him. I could only home that people talk about me for as long as they have him – of course, he has given everyone a reason to talk about him – he has made predictions. Not only are they predictions, but they are predictions that have come true.

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Real Name

Have you ever wondered what his real name is? His real name was not Nostradamus. It was Michel de Nostredame – French Origin. He was born on December 14 of 1503. Yes, he is very old. Unfortunately, he died on July 2 of 1566.


The End of the World

Who said he predicted the end of the world as 2012 thought wrong – that is the Mayan calendar. According to this guy, the world will not end until 3797. Remember, please don’t panic on December 20, 2012 – the 21st should be no different.


Plague Victims

Nostradamus treated victims of the plague with pills. These pills were unique, because he made them from rose petals. He gave instructions to the patients – keep the petals on your tongue at all times. He also claimed this helped fight tooth decay and bad breath.



Legend has said that this man was buried with a document that contains the secrets to his prophecies. During the year 1700, officials relocated his coffin. During this time, they looked inside and found no document. However, he has a medallion around his skeleton with the numbers “1700.” It is believed he predicted the year the coffin would be opened.


The Kitchen

In addition to medicine and astrology, Nostradamus was also smart in the kitchen. Yes, he is a guy that knew his way around the kitchen. In fact, during 1555, he published a book full of recipes for perfumes, cosmetics and fruit preservatives.

There you have 5 facts on Nostradamus. Would you like to add to my list?

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