5 Facts on DNA ...


5 Facts on DNA ...
5 Facts on DNA ...

I figured that since we have a blog here on vampires and other creatures that I would do 5 facts on DNA. I think this sounds like a good idea and we all could have a better understanding of this. Some of you may find this useful, while others will not as you may already know about it. So, let’s get started …

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What Does It Stand for?

DNA stands for deoxyribonucleic acid. Hey, don’t try to pronounce that fourth word so fast and so many times! There is a reason it is abbreviated.


It’s in Everyone

Of course, this one is a bit too obvious. DNA is something that is found in every living thing out there. You have DNA, I have DNA, my daughter has DNA, my family does, my dog does, my tortoise does, my lizard does – everyone.


DNA is a Blueprint

Think of it this way – DNA is a blueprint of life – now, does it make sense to you? It makes perfect sense to me.


Unwrap All Your DNA

If you were to unwrap all of your DNA you have in all your cells, then it could reach the moon six thousand times. Wow, now that is very interesting.


Genes and DNA

Did you know that genes are pieces of DNA? It is passed from parent to child. It contains the hereditary information.

Do you see how interesting it is to read and learn about DNA? It’s something that many enjoy talking about. That was 5 interesting facts on DNA, but I just read over 100 of them. Do you find it interesting?

Top Photo Credit: Christine Lebrasseur

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