5 Facts on Werewolves ...


5 Facts on Werewolves ...
5 Facts on Werewolves ...

When a werewolf is involved, things can be pretty hairy and we all know this one. I really like these creatures. While I was scared of them as a child, I now have an appreciation for them and enjoy looking at pictures of them. I have never met a werewolf in real life and I think I am thankful for this, because I probably wouldn’t live to tell about it, unless I was Bella. Right now, I am going to give you 5 facts on werewolves …

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Silver Won’t Kill

Believe what you want, but I have been told by werewolf experts that a silver bullet cannot kill a werewolf. Sure, it will cause some discomfort and pain, but it is not going to cause the werewolf to burst into flames or disappear into thin air.


Turning into One

The true ways to be a werewolf include being cursed, being born a werewolf, being bitten by a werewolf or being given the power through sorcery.



Werewolves communicate through telepathy. This allows them to be better hunters. So, your chances of hearing them communicate in our language is pretty slim.


Full Moon

A Werewolf does not have to wait until a full moon to show their true colors. They don’t even have to turn on a full moon.


Spotting a Werewolf

There are various symptoms of a werewolf. Some signs include lots of hair, uncontrollable anger, insomnia, magical marks on the palms, eyebrows meeting in the middle, third finger larger than normal and difficulty pronouncing words that start with “W.”

There you have 5 facts on werewolves. Can you give me some more facts?

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