5 Interesting Facts on Squids ...


5 Interesting Facts on Squids ...
5 Interesting Facts on Squids ...

A majority of water movies have giant squids that attack ships or even eat people that go diving for hidden treasure. These creatures in real life have some interesting facts that I would love to tell you about. Here is my 5 Interesting Facts on Squids…

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The Squid Has Big Eyes

The squid has the largest eye for all animals in the animal kingdom. There eyes are 18 inches long and can see real well under water. Imagine those eye balls looking at you.


Squids Can Get over 100 Feet Long

I found this quite interesting and truly scary. Can you imagine a squid that gets over 100 feet long? Well, there are some fishermen stories that say they get even bigger. So are the stories of treasures being guarded by a huge squid true?


Squids Have over 500 Species

Over 500 species have been recorded for different squid species and they are still finding more. They come in all shapes and sizes and each species live in different parts of the ocean.


The Female is Larger

Look out men the female is going to whoop your butt! The females are way bigger than the male squids and this is common for most wildlife that’s on land and in the ocean.


Squids Common Enemy is the Sperm Whale

The sperm whale is its common enemy, because they like their taste. Sperm whales are one of the only enemies that can match them with size and speed. They get as big as a giant squid. They recorded a 100 foot squid inside the belly of a sperm whale.

Squids are one water animal I would like to see, but not up close. They have some big teeth to shred you into bones and squid food. Do you think that these facts are interesting?

Top Photo Credit: jlitwino

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