5 Ghost Facts ...


5 Ghost Facts ...
5 Ghost Facts ...

I have 5 ghost facts that I would like to tell you. These facts have been researched by me. I have been researching ghosts for over ten years now. It is one of my many hobbies. So, let me continue by giving you 5 interesting facts.

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They Can Manipulate Energy

They are able to turn themselves into fogs, orbs, mists, shadows or into a thick swirling ectoplasm. The most common form is orbs. This is because it takes less energy to be an orb. They can fly by you and you will never see them.



When we think of ghosts, many may think of humans. However, animals can be ghosts as well. In fact, I have heard stories of people hearing or seeing their dog after they passed away.


Object Attachment

Ghosts can be attached to objects that they had before they passed away. This is one of the big reasons why there is lots of paranormal activity in an antique store.


Ghost Does Not Change

If the person was nice in life, then they are going to be nice as a ghost. However, if they were mean in nature, then they are going to remain this way in the afterlife. This does not mean that the ghost is going to harm you in any way.


Ghost Does Not Realize It is Dead

There are instances where the ghost does not realize it is dead. Take the movie “Beetle Juice” as an example. The ghosts on there did not realize that they were ghosts at first.

There you have 5 ghost facts. I have always thought this was an interesting subject. Can you tell us any other ghost facts? I know there are plenty more out there.

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@Exchosist amit I think you read it wrong. True ghosts can't change form but animals and humans have spirits and when the spirit of the animal becomes detached from its body...there!! You have a ghost! So yes in a way you're right but technically the animal spirit didn't change form because the spirit of the animal looks exactly like its body. :D

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