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5 Facts for Wiccans ...

By Melanie

Are you interested in learning 5 facts for Wiccans? If you are, then I would love to tell you more about this. Below, I am going to give you exactly what I promised.

5 Feri Tradition

When one is following the Feri Tradition, the main gods that are worshipped are called the Blue God and you have the Star Goddess.

4 Heaven and Hell

Wiccans do not believe in the concept of Heaven and Hell like Christians do. We believe in reincarnation with a process that is related to the cycles of nature. There is also some that believe in a place of rest that is known as Summerlands. Some believe this is the final resting place you will reach.

3 Earth-Based Religion

Wicca is an earth-based religion. Wiccans have the belief of two Deities. The God and The Goddess. They honor them in many forms like Astarte, Isis, Kali, Demeter, Apollo, Zeus, Pan, Mercury ad so on. Everything in the world is holy.

2 It’s Not Bad

Some believe that Wicca is bad and I never understood those people. I’m not going to get into a religion argument with anyone, but it is a peaceful religion. Wiccans believe in respect and the times 3 rule.

1 Yule

Wiccan celebrate Yule on December 21. This is the day that the sun comes back to life. This is known for being the longest night of the year.

There you have 5 facts for Wiccans. So, are you Wiccan?

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