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Magical spells are covered with a shroud of misconceptions based on myths and the television, this practice has been often associated with darkness, Satan, cannibalism, in the fourteenth century the Inquisitions killed millions of adepts, but magic is something else…

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Is Magic Evil?

People are made to do great things, but this has been hidden from us by leaders, manipulative religions, making us believe that everything that is supernatural is evil. Very wrong! Of course there is black magic and white magic, but don’t make the confusion.


What Materials do You Need?

In order to do real spells there is no need of some rare expensive materials, magicians use simple things like candles, flowers, oils, herbs etc.


The Word Hocus Pocus is Fake?

There is no hocus pocus stuff, things don’t just materialize out of thin air, but events in life or other sort of things can be made to become possible. For example if you want someone sick to get healthy take his picture and a candle and visualize his better state, and the next you two will meet you will be amazed.


Can You Create the Un-natural?

These can bring you anything you need, a new mate, success in the carrier, money, have a baby if you can’t, protection from enemies and so on.


Is There a Magic Book?

There are not so many books about magical practices that worth the effort of reading or the money, most of them are written to the purpose of profit than knowledge to the masses. Make a good search before getting a good book, most authors never met a real magician in person.

Many facts say that magical spell exist to help humanity in its evolution on the spiritual path, that doesn’t mean that evil powers don’t exist. So do you see the difference between myth, reality and fiction? There is enough information for that…read it.

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