5 Facts on Robert Pattinson ...

Robert Pattinson played Edward in Twilight, of course, if you are a Twilight fan, you probably already know this. I like reading fun facts on the celebrities and from time to time, I share those facts with my readers. Right now, it’s time to get to know old Rob a bit better and read 5 facts on Robert Pattinson …

5. He is Not a Piece of Meat

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Not too long ago, his fan site requested that his fans quit treating Rob as if he were a piece of meat anytime they see him in public. That’s right, girls, start treating him as if he were a normal human being. There is no reason to scream and act like you lost your head.

4. Hi Claudia

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Up until Rob turned 12 years old, his sisters would dress him up in a dress. They would introduce him as Claudia. Okay, his sisters were cruel! Actually, it’s funny and cute.

3. His Dad’s Request

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I think Rob filled his dad’s request. His dad wanted him to be an actor and that is exactly what he did. I must admit that he is great at his career too.

2. Acting Career

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When did Rob start acting? He first started acting when he was 15. He started in plays.

1. His Nerves

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On the set of Harry Potter, he used to throw up because of his nerves. Rob, I feel you, because that happens to me as well when I get nervous.

There you have 5 facts on Robert Pattinson. Can you think of any others?

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