5 Dragons Facts to Know ...


5 Dragons Facts to Know ...
5 Dragons Facts to Know ...

Dragons can be found in mythology, story books and movies as dangerous creatures that breathe fire and terrify towns. Well, no one knows if dragons exist and walked this planet. They could be made up by the human mind or in another world. Let me give you my 5 dragon facts to know…

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Breathe Fire

Most dragons in books or in ancient culture breathe fire. This is yet to be known for outside it’s fiction setting, but in most stories they breathe fire and burn down towns.


Medieval Times Use on Their Banners and Shields

In many countries you will find the dragon as a main logo for the kingdoms shield or banner. Black dragons, red dragons or even the serpentine dragon was used depending on the country. They used them as a symbolization of their strength and wisdom. They want the other kingdom to think their stronger by might and their warriors.


There a Huge Reptile!

Godzilla wasn’t the only creature that could breathe fire and rule. These huge reptiles come in many sizes. They have scales like a reptile and some have tongues like snake. However, they do fly and their isn’t a reptile known to main that flies.


They Fly

Some countries they don’t fly like china’s version of the dragon. Their more like a serpentine creature, that moves on the ground with their scales. Now, for mythology they fly. They were imagined to fly faster than most airplanes today. Imagine the strength that they have on those wings and how hard it is to lift these heavy creatures off the ground. Seems more a fairly tale than happening in real life.


Their Intelligent

People might say “how would I know or they haven’t been proven to exist yet”. What proof do I have? Well, in ancient Japan or China, they are known to be fast, swift and intelligent fighters. In ancient mythology, they were known to be fierce creatures that took hundreds of men to kill. History and ancient cultures can tell you the Dragon is a cunning and intelligent creature, because man hasn’t discovered them yet.

I know dragons might not be real, but are dinosaurs real? Who really knows what was found in the early centuries. For some reason they were found in ancient text or even daily shows, stories or even movies. This is a puzzling topic, do you believe dragons?

Top Photo Credit: Giampaolo Macorig

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