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I have never really been a superstitious person, at least I try not to. When a black cat jumps in my way, I may make a little joke out of it, but I am not being serious. I really do not believe black cats crossing the path is going to bring bad luck. Why would I believe an animal is going to give me bad luck? It hasn't done so yet. Below, I am going to give you 5 funny superstitions …

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In some parts of England, they believe that washing a baby's head is going to bring about good luck. Perhaps this is because the baby sleeps for hours afterwards sometimes?



It Italy, hearing a cat sneeze is something many people want to do! This is because hearing a cat sneeze is said to bring good luck. I think that's pretty neat.



When your right palm is itching in Kenya, this is a great sign! A right handed palm that is itching in Kenya means you will receive money. What about the left hand? Well, unfortunately, that means you will have to give money – but think about it – the person you are giving the money to will have an itching right handed palm. Okay, I just had to say it.



In the Netherlands, when family gossip is going on, the cats are not allowed to be in the room. This is because they believe the cats will go out and spread that gossip.



In Japan, it is said that if you lie down right after you eat, you are going to turn into a cow. Well, I think a lot of people should be mooing right about now! I guess it means that you won't burn the calories off and will get fat?

There you have 5 funny superstitions. Did you enjoy this?

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