5 Common Superstitions ...


5 Common Superstitions ...
5 Common Superstitions ...

I have 5 common superstitions that I would like to remind you about.

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Black Cat

Some believe that when a black cat crosses the path, bad luck will be coming their way. I’m not sure about you, but I always looked at this superstition as being strange. I mean, come on, what about those people who own black cats? Shouldn’t they always be having bad luck?


Walking under a Ladder

When you walk under a ladder, you are going to have bad luck. Sure you are. So, what about those construction workers who are continuously walking under a ladder?


Breaking a Mirror

Again, bad luck. Hmm … I broke a mirror years ago – but I don’t call myself having bad luck. I mean, sure, I had a couple of bad things happen, but I don’t blame the mirror for it. There are some people out there that do.


Opening an Umbrella inside

You should never open an umbrella inside, because you will have bad luck. Goodness. Why would you want to do this? Because it never rains inside in the first place!


Rabbits Foot

If you have a rabbits foot, it is going to bring you good luck. I actually like this one and that is why I saved it for number one. I have been given a rabbits foot a couple of times during my childhood. I guess they were popular back then.

Those are 5 common superstitions. Are there any other superstitions that you would like to remind me about? I know there are tons of them out there.

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Abt d black cat.....I used to believe it too.....so my fundamental is if crosses ur path from left to right I consider it a good sign.....

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