5 Facts about Demons ...

By Melanie

While I am not big on religion, I am big on paranormal things, yes, including demons. These are one of the creatures that I have done quite a bit of research on throughout my years of studying paranormal. I find them interesting and that is why I have decided to tell you 5 facts about demons …

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They Know of Future Damnation

During my time researching demons, I have read that demons know when future damnation is going to occur.


They Know the Saves from the Unsaved

It is said that demons know the saved from the unsaved. I believe this is true. It seems they are no able to touch those that have been saved. However, I wouldn’t put it past them.


They Have Great Strength

There is no denying that demons have great strengths. When they want something, they will go to any lengths to get it, even if it means taking over someone else’s body to get it.



Some demons are chained and have no freedom. Then, you have other demons that are not chained and have a certain amount of freedom.


Casting Demons Away

When demons enter the human body, there is one way to get them out and that is through an exorcism. Have any of you ever witnessed an exorcism? I could tell you many stories of exorcisms, if you ever want to hear them. However, they aren’t as “cool” as you think they may be.

Those are 5 facts about demons that I felt you should know. Of course, many of you may of already know this stuff – so give yourself a pat on the back. So, do you have any other facts about demons that you would like to share with me and everyone reading this blog?

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how do humans make deals with demons for wealth and power?

Thanks for 5 useless facts about demons. Written in a 9th grader essay format. Let me know when you find out stuff by research, not what you "read". Because that is another useless source unless it is cited from a respectable source. And if there is one of those, than this post is even more completely useless.

How can you say "facts" about paranormal (cannot be proven) things?