5 Facts on EMO ...

By Melanie

5 Facts on EMO ...

EMO appeared in the 80’s as a hardcore movement and a punk rock music style and was reinvented in the 90’s and adapted until now by different bands, today it has reached the main stream and also became a fashion amongst teenagers. A typical characteristic of it is the unusual hairstyle. Some facts regarding how these special children behave and look:

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5 Against Normal Culture

They are against the normal culture and music, becoming depressed over time because of this and end up creating a stereotype, they don’t look at others walking on the street, they never smile, considering they are more sensitive than other guys.

4 Boys Wear Tight Clothes and Makeup

The boys dress undersized, many of them wear girl pants, girls have shorter hair than normal and both sexes wear piercings on the face, make-up.

3 Open Minded

They tend to be open minded when sex is involved, usually they suffer of severe narcissism.

2 Emotional

These kids are highly emotional, and this is the reason for their name…they cry and listen to their music, suffering because they are not understood by the majority of people, exaggerating in the idea that they suffering is somehow original, different from the rest.

1 Imperfections in Life

These young boys and girls find imperfections in their life in every aspect of it and blame themselves for their drama, some of them think of suicide or take anti-depressive medicine.

The original EMO is not a suicidal guy, and does not wear a special haircut or weird clothes and they have compassion and love, this was the initial movement, what we see today is something fake, things have changed since this cult appeared and was accustomed with the world in which we live at present time. Will this culture perpetuate? We will never know for sure…

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It saddens me that all you horrible people out there think that most EMO's behave this way.

Hey these stereotypes are so not cool. Even I can recognize how insulting this is and heck I'm not even Emo. Just stop.

I'm emo and being depressed is a stereotype these are all stereotype. I'm depressed and emo but any normal human being can be depressed

I'm offended by this its not even true

This is really terrible. I'm not trying to sound rude but no, just don't, this was really bad.

NO. JUST NO. I´ve got plenty of emo-friends. No, they are NOT more sensitive than others, most of them are not depressed and most of them do not have piercings. You are describing and publishing a very sad stereotype that makes emo even more hated T~T I´m sorry if this upsets you but I have to stand up for the alternative kinds of people I hang out. T~T

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