5 Cool Things about the Chupacabra ...


5 Cool Things about the Chupacabra ...
5 Cool Things about the Chupacabra ...

The Chupacabra is a strange creature that people say it could live especially in Mexico and other countries from the Latin Americas and even North America. Meaning “goat sucker” The Chupacabra has first been reported in Puerto Rico…

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It Looks like an Alien

The witnesses of this phenomenon say that the creature looks very much alike to a grey alien, but is has different layers of hair on it or no hair at all. It appears to have big eyes, fangs, it is both reptilian and canine.


It Has High Speed Movement

Jumping high distances on its back legs, and moving at a high speed rate it is not so weird that we didn’t catch one for study. Anyway her existence is obvious but there is no physical proof.


It Sucks Blood

“El Chupacabra” acts like a vampire, sucking the life from animals and leaving them without any blood. This is the only evidence found, lots of dead animals with no blood in their veins.


This is a Cryptid

What does that mean? This is an animal or creature that has no classification in zoology, meaning the creature exists, people have seen it but there is no proof of that.


Undefined Origin

There are many theories, some scientific other just fantasy about the Chupacabra’s origins: some say that they were created in laboratories and escaped, others say it’s all about foxes and coyotes that suffered some mutation because of a disease, some even claim they are aliens.

Whatever the truth is some recent photos revealed that the Chupacabra may be a creature resembling to a kangaroo but with a dog-like face. No one really knows. Have you seen one? If the answer is yes, then you are a lucky one. Next time take some pictures…

Top Photo Credit: moons_creations

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