5 Facts about Trolls ...


5 Facts about Trolls ...
5 Facts about Trolls ...

Trolls are ugly creatures that have huge warts and nasty smells emitting from their body. I want to give you some facts that I found out just recently about trolls. They are known to be in many children books and in video games. Here is my 5 Facts About Trolls…

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Trolls Often Live under Bridges

Do you remember the story the three Billy goats that wanted to cross the bridge, because the grass was greener on the other side? Well, what happen to the 3 Billy goats? They were eaten by the troll, because they didn’t listen to the smart Billy goat. The moral of the story would be that the grass is not always greener on the other side.


They like to Eat Anything

In many kid stories they often like eating people and making a nasty stew made of mashed bones of humans and other things. They will almost eat anything as long as it has meat.


Some Stories Say They Were anti-social

Trolls can be anti-social, because of their looks and some trolls were good. They were just miss understood like Frankenstein. They often lived in the mountains and never were heard of again..


They Have Tusk

Many stories and video games have trolls having huge tusk out their forehead or out their mouth. World of warcraft makes trolls have tusk out their mouth and make them sound like a Jamaican. They also study voodoo.


Their Favorite Weapon is a Blunt Stick

They like to smash their food up into small pieces in order to make sure they can fit in their stew. They often have big blunt sticks or clubs for weapons.

Trolls might have been around once upon a time and I do think they were. Some things could be true about them. Maybe they were people that just had problems with cosmetics with their faces. Do you think the same?

Top Photo Credit: Dunechaser

  1. Trolls are believed to be mythical creatures found in Scandinavian folklore.
  2. They are often portrayed as ugly, mischievous, and sometimes dangerous creatures.
  3. Trolls are usually depicted as living in isolated mountains, caves, or underground.
  4. They are said to be very strong and have the ability to shape-shift.
  5. In some stories, trolls are said to have the ability to turn to stone when exposed to sunlight.

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Hehe Trolls=)

this is amazing it helped my homework out so much

How can it be a fact about a fictional thing?

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