5 Facts on Chi ...


5 Facts on Chi ...
5 Facts on Chi ...

Tai Chi Chuan also known as Taijiquan is an ancient Chinese form that consists of coordinated body movements. These movements focus on the cultivation of the internal energy known as chi. I have been reading a lot about chi and that is why I am writing this blog posting on 5 facts on chi …

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This is an exercise that aims to harmonize the body, mind and spirit. I have also read that it helps heal the body both mental and physical. I enjoy it for the relaxation that it offers.



Have you ever witnessed this being practiced? When it is practiced correctly, you are going to see a flow that is continuous and rhythmical. I think the soft rhythm is what makes it so peaceful.


The Student

When a student is practicing this, they will become tolerant, relaxes, self-confident, stronger, revitalized and healthier not only in the mind, but also in the body. This is why it is so popular amongst the Chinese.



This is not an exercise that relies on force, strength or even speed. Therefore, it is great for both male and females. It is great for the young and old – strong or weak.


Small Amount

Even if you do not have much time and only do a small amount of practice, you will still find that this is beneficial. It will help to tone your muscles as well as strengthen them. Another thing I like is how it helps to improve both the balance and the posture.

Chi is also known for improving certain medical conditions such as digestive, respiratory and cardiovascular disorders. I just gave you my 5 facts on Chi, now it is your time to share any facts you may have. So, what do you like about Chi?

Top Photo Credit: Cimarrón Mayor

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