5 Facts on Bats ...


5 Facts on Bats ...
5 Facts on Bats ...

I always thought bats were cute critters and have always enjoyed watching them. Yes, I have witnessed quite a few bats zoom past me, but they fly so fast that I couldn’t get a good look at them. I remember one flying past me when I was fishing one night. Anyhow, I have decided to do a blog on 5 facts on bats.

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Mother Bats

Did you know that when a bat has a baby, they only have one baby in their litter? The baby bats are known as pups. When the pup is born, it usually does not have any hair and it will have its eyes closed, just like a kitten. It will cling to the mother and drink milk from her. The pup flies away when it is four months old and learns to fly.



The color all depends on the species of the bat. Depending on the species, they can be brown, gray and white. I have even heard of bats being reddish brown in color.


Sociable Animals

Despite what you may think, these are very sociable animals. They live in big colonies. Depending on the type of bad, the lifespan of one can be anywhere from four to thirty years.


Sleep Upside down

When I learned that bats slept upside down in elementary school, I thought this was really cool and still, here I am today saying that it is cool. I like how they hold a twig with their feed. When it is cold, they are sure to hang close together.


They Have Teeth

Not only do they have teeth, but they also chew their food. About seventy percent of all bats out there consume insects. Did you know that one bat is capable of eating over one thousand insects in one hour?

There you have 5 facts on bats. What do you think about them?

Top Photo Credit: *audreysmith*

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