5 Greek Gods That Interest Me ...


5 Greek Gods That Interest Me ...
5 Greek Gods That Interest Me ...

Greek gods are my favorite subject when it came to classes of mythology. I like to learn more about the older gods that people worshiped and what their parts in our life were. The only problem is that they were a myth, but their still nice to learn and acquire more knowledge about them. Here are my 5 Greek Gods That Interest Me…

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Hades was the king of the underworld. No one can escape the depths of hell and it’s well guarded by his pet Cerberus the three headed dog. Hades is known to make bargains and never keeping the promise of following through with them.



The god of war interests me, because he is what caused the wars between many armies in the old Greek days. Like the battle of troy or Caesar army was guided by the god of war.



The god of lightning is the lord of all the gods and father of them all. He was in love tons of times with humans and his jealous ex Hara would make matters worst.



Poseidon is the god of the ocean. He rules the under water world and often comes up to check on his half human son Percy Jackson. This god is forbidden to talk to his son, but he can guide him through his troubled life.



Aphrodite is the goddess of love. She is married to the Hephaestus and had many lovers.

Goddess and gods of Greek mythology have always amazed me. I use to love Greek mythology in class and would get straight A’s, because the class was interesting to me. These gods’s and goddess are only the tip of the ice burg. The titans were the first gods and the father and mothers of Hara. There is a lot to learn about ancient Greek gods. Do you think Greek Gods are neat?

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Omg... Can I say that Percy Jackson has nothing to do with the real greek gods. He is merely the main character to the book series. Sure he is the son if Poseidon but if you read or ask any one who still worships the Gods, they will tell you nothing of Percy Jackson is ever recorded, maybe Percy as in Zeus's son, but no. No percy, and i you have read the books, you'll see he was never forbidden to not speak to Percy. And Hera (not hara) was not his ex, she was his wife.

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